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Smeared Lipstick Vol. 3

Rebecca Joseph has returned to writing with a new mindset. Smeared Lipstick Volume 3 will have more of a raw and rare version of Rebecca that the last two volumes may not have shown. This series of poems and thoughts were written in a period that may have been the hardest time of her life! These writings were birthed amid brokenness, trust issues, restoration, healing, and self-love. The goal of putting her heart out there for everyone to see is so that the journey is not in vain.

Rebecca wants to be able to accept the places that she put herself in and show how an evolution and restoration are always possible. The objective is to show others that God can bring joy in the morning after many nights of tears. She wants to give honor to God by helping other people who have gone through the same experiences. She knows that helping others while healing yourself pushes you past hurt and moves you to a place of positive self-worth as you motivate others to push forward. You rarely go through things for yourself but for the benefit of other people that you help along the way. Vulnerability is rarely looked at as a strength, but Rebecca chooses transparency and vulnerability to strengthen others.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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