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Discussion Blog: "Smeared Lipstick"

Hello readers!

I want to start to blog on a monthly basis and get insight from you all as you get insight from each other. Each month I will feature a poem from the book. I want you to come here and discuss your reactions to the poem, how it made you feel, and share similar situations. I am hoping that this will keep the door open for everyone to grow with one another, support each other and prove that we are not alone in the things that we go through. This month's poem will be Smeared Lipstick which is the feature poem of the book. Read it below if you haven't already purchased and read the book. Be open and honest! This will always be a judgement free zone. Also, if you have any questions for me about the background of the poem, I will respond as well! Can't wait to hear from you!

Smeared Lipstick

Every kiss Brought my wall down Brick by brick. One look into his eyes And I'd be paralyzed For he would take me to galaxies far beyond. My heart reached Out of my chest for him Thoughts would swim Into the forefront of my mind About how I would fight to not fall in love Because this wasn't a case of Romeo and Juliette. But we had gone so far However, we weren't committed yet. We dived in, head first With no regrets I'd had my heart set on making him the one For his heart matched the beating of my soul's drum. But at the end of the day That wouldn't be the case I was running a race That didn't have a winner Just two saved sinners which got lost in each other's kiss

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